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30 September 2020 ❤ 5

The word Web is an Acronym for " World wide web". The web is a part of the internet which consists of hundreds of pages that you can access by using a particular web browser.

Remember, that the terms "Internet" and "Web" can not be used for the same purpose. The Internet is basically a network of servers that provide people with the tools to access information that is available on the web.

Most web pages are programmed using HTML (Hypertext markup language). The language enables the developers to produce pages that contain links to several other websites and they are clickable.

The protocol which Web uses is HTTP. Several browsers like Google, Mozilla Firefox, and internet explorers are all resources to utilize web information.

The HTML also provides support for several other features as well as audio, videos, pictures, etc. In today's world, the whole world of the web is quite complex and diverse

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