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The best animes to watch:

26 February 2021 ❤ 8
The best animes to watch:

Anime has been a global phenomenon, people all around the world have fallen for the cartoon style, their mangas and their storylines which are just irresistible. But with millions of different series it can be hard to decide what to watch, there are so many different genres, so we have decided to put a list together containing the best animes to watch;

  • My hero academia

  • Attack on titan

  • Full metal alchemist

  • Haikyu

  • Death note

  • The promised neverland

  • Kakegurui

  • The seven deadly sins

  • Tokyo ghoul

  • Violet evergarden

  • One punch man

  • Soard art online

And there are so many more, but these are some of the best, we hope you enjoy and get lost in the world of anime!

By I. Bey

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