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Famous Ghost Comics

13 October 2020 ❤ 2
Famous Ghost Comics

Apart from the other stories and genres, one genre which never gets out of the date is horror. These days, everyone celebrates Halloween and so people also love to read horror and ghost comics as well. Also, it's October and Halloween is approaching so it is a great time to share with you guys some most famous hit comics of the horror genre.

In the below section I am going to mention some of the scariest comics which have beat the shit out of the people. Apart from the movies, comics serve as a very good medium for visual interpretation. Either it is the garish scares of the Golden age or be it the jaw-dropping horror of the 1950s. These below are one of the most stomach drenching and sweat dropping comics which you must have to read by this October:

Fatale (2012-2014)
Afterlife with Archie
Tomb of Dracula
Locke and Key
From hell
The walking dead
Swamp thing
Vault of horror
Adventure comics: Spectre

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