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Food Panda

25 January 2021 ❤ 9
Food Panda

Food Panda is one of the leading food delivery services in the world which is operational in almost 14 countries. Food panda is a mobile app that provides you with a bunch of restaurants, through which you can order food at any time. It is actually a Berlin-based company. Its a service that allows you to order food and track its status as well. It also enables their user to track their rider on the map and can contact him through the Food Panda application.

We all have to admit that they were the hero in covid-19. They were the ones who delivered us the food in pandemic along following the SOP. We all have been accused of ordering food in this pandemic. The best thing that I like about Food Panda is that they had been providing discounts to their users, and even provided their users with up to 50% discounts in the pandemic as well.

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