Why Sri Lankan Peoples are Loved

20 January 2021 ❤ 5
Why Sri Lankan Peoples are Loved

The corporate culture of Sri Lankan people is corresponding to their beliefs, morals, and their attitude. They know very well how to behave with-in or outside the country. Their culture has always been the main element on which they are characterized as the best and friendly people. They interpret the peoples with respect to their beliefs and values they also flexible towards the other religions as well and in response, they behave according to it. And in Sir Lankan culture what matters most is their believes and values as it is a Buddhism country with around 70+ percent of Buddhist living there.

Sri Lanka people are very formal but still, we must remember that as a guest (visitor), we will be having the flexibility to enjoy their cultural being in our certain limitations, and the best thing Is that we could even practice our religion being in certain limitation. Sir Lankan people like to meet and greet. And handshake is the most common form of greeting. Men can shake hands with men and women may shake hands with other women. And if a woman wants to shake hands with others, she may proceed with it without any hesitation.

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I had a friend from Sri Lanka and he was such a nice person as well. I am from Malaysia.

By leo, 27 Jan 21


Muhammad Ali Jinnah is the founder of Pakistan and one of the most loved person in Pakistan i guess.

By Alex, 21 Jan 21


I am a huge fan of Smarth Mishra!!! Thank you for providing information about him.

By Jhony, 08 Oct 20


Learning about people who are successful in their lives is really very motivational and gives hope.

By Chaplin, 02 Oct 20