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The word Gregory is the name for the males and is derived from the Latin language word called " Gregorious" which in turn came up from a remote Greek language word that has the meaning of "vigilant or alert". Based on the etymological reinterpretation the word is also connected to the meanings of "flock or herd". The name was also mainly used for the shepherd who used to guide and flock his sheep. Therefore, the name became so dear to religious personalities like popes and monks.
According, to the research, many popes and monks have used the same name for their religious duties as "Gregory 1". After John, the most famous name for popes is "Gregory".

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I had a friend from Sri Lanka and he was such a nice person as well. I am from Malaysia.

By leo, 27 Jan 21


Muhammad Ali Jinnah is the founder of Pakistan and one of the most loved person in Pakistan i guess.

By Alex, 21 Jan 21


I am a huge fan of Smarth Mishra!!! Thank you for providing information about him.

By Jhony, 08 Oct 20


Learning about people who are successful in their lives is really very motivational and gives hope.

By Chaplin, 02 Oct 20