Armaan Malik Reflects on Criticism for Singing English Tracks

18 January 2022 ❤ 11
Armaan Malik Reflects on Criticism for Singing English Tracks

Armaan Malik is widely known as the Prince of Romance." He is one of the most talented Bollywood singers today. He is well-known for singing in English as well as Hindi.

In a recent exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, the Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon singer decided to address the criticism hes received for singing songs in English. There have been comments on my posts and even on my YouTube videos saying English mein mat gaa, Hindi mein gaa, tu usme behtar hai and these are comments I need to take with a pinch of salt because whenever you do something, people dont expect you are going against the norm, against the rule book and there will always be naysayers and those people who will always be against what youre trying to achieve. and it is totally fine," he said inthe publication.

Armaan stated that he aspires to be the Indian artist who Indian fans can root for on a global scale.

In 2020, Armaan released his first English song, Control. He has also performed songs such as How Many and Echo. His latest single, You, was released earlier this month.

Armaan has performed in Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Malayalam, among other languages. Control gothim the title of Best Indian Act at the 2020 MTV EMAs.

By F. Aslam

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