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Losing sleep can make you gain weight!

01 March 2021 ❤ 12
Losing sleep can make you gain weight!

So it is finalised, weight gain is not just a product of overeating, unhealthy eating or the lack of exercise but also the product of the lack of sleep! Studies show that losing as little as 15 minutes of sleep can cause you to gain weight. Yes, its true we worry about losing sleep for a number of reasons but we never worry about putting on weight because we lost some sleep!

So whats the connection? Researchers have found that your sleeping pattern is intertwined with your weight management and your overall health. Over 120,000 people were part of the research and it is proven that people who slept only 15 minutes less than average put on weight.

Now the big question who many hours of sleep do you need to get in order to lose weight. Well, the amount of sleep requirement is different for everyone, but sleeping 7-9 hours a day is recommended for weight loss as well as reducing the risk of chronic diseases and lifting your mood!

By I. Bey

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