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Spotify's $80 Car Thing is real!

14 April 2021 ❤ 9
Spotify's $80 Car Thing is real!

Spotify has launched its Car Thing gadget for a limited time only in the United States for a select number of premium subscribers- AND its for free!

The gadget was released on Tuesday the 13th of April, the device will allow those who get it to make it easier for drivers to listen to Spotify in there cars, it will allow them to navigate the streaming services library and for those lucky enough to be offered this device all they will have to do it pay for shipping, thanks to a very special promotion. Otherwise the gadget would cost $80!

At this moment in time the Car Thing will be part of a very limited release, but the Spotify spokeswoman had said that they will share more information about their future plan when they become available.

People will now be available to join the waiting list for the Spotify Car Thing. Spotify has thought about making physical products in the past but this new gadget is its first real go at the market, and they are doing well!

By I. Bey

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