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Sheesham Wood

13 October 2020 ❤ 1
Sheesham Wood

Indian Rosewood, famous as Sheesham is a very useful kind of wood that is used in several infrastructure purposes. The wood originated from the sub-continent and was extracted from the tree of Dalbergia sissoo. It is found in the states of Punjab, India, and also in Pakistan.

Sheesham is famous for its durability, strength, and aesthetics. Not only in India and Pakistan it is famous worldwide. In Pakistan, Sheesham is one of the most commonly used woods for making furniture and other woodcraft. Apart from the furniture, it is also used for walls, floors, doors, and also as wooden sheets, window panels, and veneers too. Below are some interesting facts about Sheesham that you should definitely know:

Apparently, Sheesham wood is brown-golden in color and also dark brown sometimes. It also consists of streaks of sapwood that can be white or golden.
The most useful trait of Sheesham wood is that it is very flexible and can be adapted to any shape.
Sheesham wood in its raw form is fragile. It is air-dried very nicely so that it can withstand pressure and weight.

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But all of the business were effected by covid, even i had to close my business.

By george, 19 Jan 21


a business offers employment opportunities to the people by which they can generate income and improve the quality of life.

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There is a profit in doing wholesale business.

By Chaplin, 11 Oct 20