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Online Tutoring Classes

29 January 2021 ❤ 10
Online Tutoring Classes

Start your online business now with the help of the internet. We all know that the world has been under the coronavirus pandemic. Which was the biggest disaster for every human being. But now dont worry, we are here with an idea of online classes that dont require you to step out of your comfort zone. So this online business is based upon eight steps that require the full presence of mind. The first step is making a business plan for achieving your goal, the second step includes the setup of a computer or a laptop through which you are going to teach online. Their step is a bit difficult step of finding the best and trusted software that allows you to offer classes online. Fourth is setting your rates, and your packages for people, in the fifth step you might need to register your business on a website or software whatever you like. The sixth step includes establishing your presence on the web, and your availability. Enter your credentials that how you would like to get paid, by online transaction or by post. And the last step is marketing your business that could be done through social media, or by the newspaper.

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But all of the business were effected by covid, even i had to close my business.

By george, 19 Jan 21


a business offers employment opportunities to the people by which they can generate income and improve the quality of life.

By Riya, 18 Jan 21


There is a profit in doing wholesale business.

By Chaplin, 11 Oct 20